Friday, June 8, 2012

Pink Pillows

Just saw these amazing pillows from Bonnie and Neil over at Design Sponge this AM, hot off the presses. They almost made my eyes pop out. Pink pillows that actually look cool and not like something you need to hide in your kiddo's room? I'll take one of each!

The second pillow is apparently temporarily sold out. Focus on the temporarily part!

1) Dahlia Tile Cushion Fluoro Pink, $125. (awesome pillows are sometimes an investment, but they will last for years!)
2) Pink Gum Cushion, $125.


  1. Very Cute! I think the first one is my favorite. What do you do with all your pillows anyway? Do you have a pillow room?

    1. ha ha! No, I don't -- I really don't have all that many, I keep most of pillows on Pinterest :) -- but what I have considered is getting a huge cardboard appliance box and start throwing all the pillows I can get my hands in it and then switch out seasonally when I get bored :)


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