Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic Interiorts: My Rooms, Treasures, and Trinkets

Lately, I have been riding a wave of rediscovered love for all things Shabby Chic. I used to love that whole aesthetic, but it fell to the wayside as I succumbed completely to all-things-Domino. The Domino look is still my favorite decorating style. (WHY is that magazine gone??)

But I digress. I'm feeling like I have a small opening in my heart for a bit of Shabby Chic to make its way back into my life...little bits here and there...everyone can use a teensy bit of pretty for pretty's sake, yes?

So I find it highly likely that I'll be checking out Rachel Ashwell's latest paperback book, when it hits stores later this summer. And I'd also like to see her book, 'Shabby Chic Inspirations'. I used to own this one and I loved it. I wonder what happened to it?


  1. I've always loved the idea of shabby chic, but it just seems so impractical for my life as it is right now. That, and I don't think my sweet husband would love living in a shabby chic home, though maybe a few elements here and there wouldn't feel overwhelming to him. ;) I'm guessing Andrew might feel similarly?

  2. Andrew would claw out his eyeballs and run screaming if I inserted very much Shabby Chic into our life. (he really is a fine fellow, all my funny ? stories that seem to indicate otherwise, tee hee) Actually, I really have moved to a much more modern decor aesthetic thanks to the extreme Domino brainwashing that I underwent for the 5 years they were around :)

    Here's a funny thing I've read over and over from Rachel Ashwell from her books -- she claims that the white coverings so prevalent in Shabby Chic are actually very easy to maintain - just rip off the slipcovers and wash/bleach!

    1. I love the snippets of your home that you've shared on your blog. My taste tends to run more vintage/granny chic (Did I just make that up? Does granny chic even exist?)... though if you were to look at my house you'd think I was really into the hand-me-down/mis-matched look. Ha! Maybe someday I'll have the cash flow to realize my decorating dreams.

      As to the white furniture, we actually have a cream colored couch. My husband's folks picked out new living room furniture last year and gave us their awesome PB slipcovered furniture, including the couch and a big comfy chair. We've somehow managed to keep it clean, despite it being so close to white and the fact that we have two crazy kids. Slipcovers really do make all the difference!

    2. Thanks so much sweet Michelle! I love granny chic! yes it exists :

      Our sofas are hand me downs as well, from my step dad. Good hand me downs are FABULOUS!


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