Monday, May 7, 2012

Arty Yummies

Food & drink illustrations for

Beautiful, don't you think? This art comes from a French site, 52k.

I'm not sure what's better, looking at lovely photos of food, or gazing at delightful art renderings of food. All I know is, I'd like to eat and drink each one of these creations...

I also like this an awful lot:

Cupcakes illustration No 2 - 8 X 10 Food art print - Kitchen wall decor

You can find this cupcake print at Lucille Prache's Etsy shop in an 8x10 size for $25. I think this would be really charming in a kitchen!

I ADORE her Strawberry Pie print:

The strawberry pie recipe - 8X10 Limited edition print No 6/50 - Food art print - The kitchen collection.

She's got TONS more, you must go see! HERE.

I think a little series or group of four hung together would be beyond charming.....


  1. I once saw a little girl's room that was themed like a little girl's version of a French bakery/cafe. These would have been perfect for a room like that! :)

    1. Really??? How adorable!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness!

    2. I KNOW!!!! I saw it a magazine right before Miss C. was born and I daydreamed that if I had a girl I'd make a room like that for her. Of course, I had a sweet little girl and she doesn't have a tiny bakery/cafe bedroom. Oh well! :)


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