Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tokidoki Toys

This is Polpettina. Isn't she cute? Once my kiddo saw this little creature she begged and pleaded and begged some more. She got it last Valentine's Day. I've asked her to be careful because Polpettina is a bit poky, even though she's vinyl.

Polpettina is one in a line of toys from a company called Tokidoki. You've gotta check them out! I'm quite partial to the Stellina Unicorno Plushie.

Stellina Unicorno Plush

Isn't she a cutie pie? Not so poky!


  1. omg that pink toy is just so cute. I'm a guy but I'm in love with it. Will definitely get one for myself.

    1. Hey I think everyone can enjoy this kind of awesome, guys included. I think actually that this line of stuff is really meant for adults and not really for kids, but my kiddo just loved it, so after months of begging, I got it for her.


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