Monday, May 14, 2012

Kawaii Plushies

Are these plushies not the cutest? Saw them over at Super Cute Kawaii...

(kawaii means 'cute' in the Japanese -- so does this mean that the name of this site really means Super Cute Cute? Love it!)

The plushies come from another adorable site, Shop, and if you are anything like me, you are going to FREAK OUT at how much Kawaii cuteness is over there!

(Be sure and click on the Japanese Fancy Shop link, it's so awesome...)


  1. The Japanese Fancy Shop makes me wish I was a little girl again! Good thing I have a little girl of my own... ;)

  2. I SO wish I had been able to get my hands on this stuff when I was little. Now I play vicariously through my kiddo...

  3. Japanese Fancy Shop? JAPANESE FANCY SHOP!!! Can I just say that the Asian love affair with stationary and related paraphernalia speaks to me in all sorts of wonderful ways? Because it really really does.

    1. Right??? Hurray for Japanese Fancy Shop! I love it all, just all of with you...


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