Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Japanese Erasers

Japanese erasers are so much fun! Julia has an entire collection of them. She doesn't erase anything with them, she just plays little pretend games with all of her little creatures. You can find tons and tons of cute ones here.


  1. Those are so cute! You could fill this blog with cute Japanese goodies and never run out of posts. Have you considered doing a post on some of the cute bento items available?

  2. Yes yes! I am so obsessed with Kawaii stuff (means cute in Japanese) and bentos and eraser and cute little creatures...aaaah! That's why I needed this blog! :)

  3. Oh wow I could play with Japanese erasers for best friend and I growing up had a thing for mini things...which I may have mentioned, but anyway I always buy her cute erasers for birthdays and such and there is such an amazing variety! I love it so much, also they come apart, which is awesome. My favorite is when she got back from a trip to taiwan (she speaks mandarin by the cool) I got her some little chinese food erasers and there was a "Toy Sauce" HA! wow I hope you wanted to know all that!

  4. Yes! Yes I very much did want to know all that! 'Toy Sauce' -- LOVE IT. Bonnie, how is that you are not blogging, alongside your equally entertaining sister?? You are so charming and darling!

  5. There is a site called Giggles N Stuff that I've ordered from in the past for my kids who are crazy about these erasers.

    1. COOL! I'll have to check them out, thanks for the tip!


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