Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rosebud Wishes You Happy Valentine's Day!

Our kitty Rosebud played peekaboo with us through the curtains the other day. Isn't she super cute?


  1. If I lived near you, you can be sure I would catnap her. And I don't mean sleep, I mean steal. She is adorable!

  2. Rosebud is so funny Vanessa -- she's a year old now but she still has this little kitten head with big round eyes atop this plump body -- she's bigger than her mama Sally and yet she still looks like a kitten!

    I don't think you want these cats -- Rosebud likes to eat rubber and Sally likes to eat YOUR CLOTHES. sigh. They're very sweet tempered though!

  3. Andrew already beat you to it! He looooooooves his kitten girls almost more than his human girls! :)

  4. That makes me smile... I'm always kissing my cats but when I do trapper is quick to remind me that cats lick their own behinds- hasn't stopped me from kissing them yet- its not like I'm kissing them on the lips- but yes the face :)


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