Monday, February 13, 2012

Kingdom of Happy Joy

I am totally wild for the art of Fiona Hewitt, the British creator of Dumpling Dynasty, which includes quite simply, some of the cutest activity kits I have ever seen. Her art is so charming, so darling and I want to sprinkle every piece of art she does over a hot fudge sundae and eat it.

Sadly, the first art print, 'The Kingdom of Happy Joy' is sold out, but you can find a pillow with the same print on it here. Her 'Fortune Cookies' print is still available! And you must MUST check out the full range of Dumpling Dynasty products. You can also find more of Fiona's work here.


  1. Those are extreemly cute! I really really like that pinky pink octopus oh and the walking turnip! ha... cute cute cute

  2. Yes yes! The walking turnip is my favorite too! :)

  3. These prints are adorable! I really love the first one, especially the part with the bunny wearing red mary janes!

  4. HOW did I miss the bunny wearing Mary Janes??? Ok that is my favorite now...:)


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