Monday, March 26, 2012

Rilakkuma Kit Kat

More Japanese treats. Can anyone find this for me??? The only one I can find is on Ebay for a LOT of money. And it's in pancake flavor. Say what? I need help solving this mystery friends.

(Image credit: I am SO sorry but I have no idea where I got this picture from, its been floating around in my file for a while. This is indeed a post of mystery.)


  1. Pancake flavor? That actually sounds kind of intriguing!

    Okay, so my search led me to JBOX. They've got the Hot Cake flavor ( and they have a Strawberry Tart flavor that doesn't have Rilakkuma on the package but maybe is a similar flavor (

    Well, there's only one solution to your problem: you need to go to Japan and find them yourself. ;)

  2. I think Hot Cake must be their way of saying Pancake, don't you think??? I would love to try, just don't need $20 worth of Kit Kat....or maybe I, I don't...I think??? :)

  3. Yeah, I think it's the same thing. My husband's grandma still calls pancakes "hotcakes". I think it's adorable. :)

    As to whether or not one needs $20 worth of Kit Kats... no, you don't.

    Wait! Yes, you do!

    No! You don't...


  4. I had a friend bring back an orange flavored Kit Kat from Japan and it was a Delight capital D! And if its $20 for like one Kit you don't need it...if its a whole lotta Kit Kat for $20 then by all means yes you need to get it! and then you can do a give away on this blog and share the amazing with someone you love/have a vague internet acquaintence with!

    Also have a mentioned strawberries are my thing? They are totally my thing these are the cutest packages ever.

  5. Cutest package EVER! Totally agree!!

    GREAT idea about the giveaway!!!!

  6. Can i find this at kuala lumpur?

  7. Hi guys, just bought some of these from Narita airport yesterday (international, on the other side of customs)...look near the book shop for anyone heading that way, they weren't easy to find. Haven't tried them yet.

    Current flavour in the stores in Japan is vanilla icecream.


    1. Brilliant Kristian! Well, now I just need to hop a flight to or from Japan....:)

  8. pancake flavor is so yummy! i tried it once and reviewed it in my blog here
    please visit anytime! ^^


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