Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pink Tea Party

A little tea party we had the other day...

On the table: a folded up sheet. On the menu: Pink Hot Chocolate (the pinkness came from this mix.), Snickerdoodles (best cookie warm from the oven -- there is nothing else better! I ate five in the blink of an eye.), and pink sugar for sprinkling just because it was 1) PINK and 2) FUN.

Pinkies were held aloft just so. Nothing was spilled. (Hurray!) Many cookies were consumed. The little ladies had their refined little soiree and then hauled down a dozen stuffed animals into the family room to watch that most elegant of films...'Kung Fu Panda'.

A lovely afternoon!


  1. What a sweet little party! I love the sprinkles. :)

    P.S. Is that a Link pillow in the background of the fifth photo?

  2. Why YES, it is a Link pillow, ha ha ha! A gift from Andrew's twin bro and his wife -- they thought it combined my love of pillows with Andrew's love of Zelda! Too funny!

  3. Such lovely, happy photographs at the pink tea party!
    Susan x
    P.S Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and your lovely comments!

  4. What a perfect play date! Little girls, I love it!

  5. @Susan: oh my goodness, the pleasure was ALL mine!! So happy you came to our little pink oasis here....

    @Robyn: These two girls, they are just so hilarious and cute together!

  6. Oh! Pink hot chocolate! How has this not been at my house yet?

  7. Once it's in your house, a pink tea party is pretty much mandatory! :)

  8. oohh wer you got the lovely plates tea cups from?

  9. The plates and cups are from different lines of china -- the plates are a Made-in-England line called Johnson Brothers, the name of the pattern is "Summer Chintz". The tea cups are from a company called Ashdene. My mom got it for me in some random tea shop. The "Summer Chintz" was purchased at Macy's like a MILLION years ago (maybe about 18 years ago :) -- not sure if it is still around, you could poke around on Ebay...


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