Friday, March 9, 2012

Japanese Stickers

Want to have a STICKER PARTY??? (I do!)

Check out these stickers that my new reader pal Bonnie just told me about -- I'm so wild about them that I put them up above the stickers I found originally for this post!

sticker sack kawaii animals Japan Sweet Town 1

Kamio sticker sack fairy girls Japan 1


And we also have these cuties:

Kawaii Sticker Flakes -- Ohajiki Stickers Cute Girls, $6.80.

Kawaii Sticker Flakes -- Fairy Tale World, $3.

Kawaii Japanese Cute Stickers -Party Kitchen-

Kawaii Japanese Cute Stickers -- Party Kitchen, $3.50.

Kawaii Japanese Sticker Alice Set, $10.

All of this sticker goodness can be found at the darling Etsy shop, Kawaii Meow. This online boutique also has THE CUTEST fabrics!


  1. I WANT THEM ALLL!! How fun, I'm glad we can appreciate the fabulousness of japanese stickers together! AND I feel so cool for being mentioned in your post...SUCCESS!

  2. You're famous Bonnie! To me and to all 5 people who read this blog. :)

    I need those stickers STAT! Thanks so much for letting me know about them!

  3. Bonnie's Famous! I'm so glad I could introduce the two of you... Melissa I think you should know this blog was MADE FOR Bonnie. And she told me the other day that this is her favorite blog in the world... then she stumbled over her words saying how she loves mine too of course :)

  4. Aw girls, you guys are the awesomest! You brighten my day and make me smile ALWAYS!


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