Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Studio Oh! Mini Box of Recipes

Are these not DIVINE? I have seen these with my own two little eyes and I am here to tell you, they are the cutest, coolest, the tiniest little recipe boxes under the sun and they are SO DELIGHTFUL. $10!!!!!! Next year, I am giving these as gifts for Christmas. There is a tea box, a cookie box, a cupcake box, a cocktail box, a small bites box and a CHOCOLATE box.

I want them ALL! You can find the whole selection of Studio Oh! Mini Box of Recipes here.


  1. It seems to me like recipe boxes in general were nowhere to be found for a few years there, so I'm glad they are apparently making a comeback-- these are so cute!
    For some reason I LOVE recipe boxes, yes, it's a weird thing to love, but I think we already know I'm weird, so, no surprise. :)

  2. Whitney I am telling you -- these are the cutest recipe boxes I have ever seen!

  3. Recipe boxes! so pretty! My parents gave me a vintage recipe box with strawberries on it one year for my birthday...and I love it! plus strawberries are kinda my thing so it is perfect, but now I need these to go with it...recipe box collection!...but don't tell Dillon...I don't think he thinks I need any more collectibles...

  4. Must repeat, CUTEST RECIPE BOXES EVER!!!!!


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