Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello Kitty Land

Welcome to Puroland
It attracts more than 1.5 million visitors per year
This map's not too helpful, unless you want to know how Hello Kitty is related to all these other characters
Even the tickets are cute
Entry to the park is just under $60 for adults
Shows take place every few hours
It sells every Hello Kitty item under the sun

Someday my daughter and I ARE GOING TO SANRIO PUROLAND in Tokyo, otherwise known as Hello Kitty nirvana. Doesn't it look unbelievably fantastic? 

Check out the map of the attractions:

Check out the list of shopping options: Festival Plaza, Kitty's House Shop, Vivitix, and Jewelland Gate. I don't know about you, but Festival Plaza sounds pretty darn awesome!

And we're going to eat at the Cinnamon Dream Cafe:

This indoor amusement park opened in 1990 and welcomes 1.5 million visitors a year. I INTEND TO BE ONE OF THEM. I'm not joking. This is majorly on my life list of It-Must-Happen.

You can check out even more images here


  1. It looks as though Hello Kitty's plans for world domination are complete now that she has her own kingdom where she can use her mind control powers to their best advantage. I imagine it's much easier to control one's minions when they are in close proximity. ;)

    In all seriousness, that is so cool! So the question remains: Are you going to drag Andrew with you?

  2. Oh yes, I would imagine that her powers are greatly amplified over there!

    For sure we would bring Andrew!!! Someone needs to carry all the Hello Kitty gear that we're gonna bring home! :)

  3. Andrew also thinks this place looks utterly TERRIFYING.

  4. Can we come? Noah would be horrified too, but the girls and I would LOVE it!!
    PS- cherry blossom stick tree with origami lanterns is my favorite one yet-- so georgous and springy when springs not quite here yet (despite all my wishing for it)

  5. You should totally go too! The men can cry together about the amount of loot we bring back...:)

    Thank you about the origami tree! I've decided I may have to keep it forever....

  6. My little brother is moving to Japan this summer. (He's already visited twice.) I keep adding to a wish list of stuff I would like for him to find for me. If I ever get to visit him, this is high on my list of places I. MUST. GO.

  7. Oh WOW Danzel! Cool! I hope you get to go visit him!!!

  8. WHAT!!! I was just thinking to myself Salt Lake City needs a Sanrio store and NOW YOU SHOW ME THIS! these are my new expectations?! Le sigh...I want to go to there

  9. It's going to be quite the pilgrimage to Puroland, I can tell!!

  10. OMG I would LOVE to take my kiddo too! Wow!


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